Sharing subaltern knowledge through international cultural collaborations

We are developing resources for all types of cultural professionals who want to expand their professional practices by opening up to subaltern perspectives and alternative ways of managing cultural projects.

About the SHAKIN' Project

What have we been working on?

Who Knows?

A digital handbook that collects and displays examples of research methodologies which address dominant ways of producing, transmitting and practicing knowledge in arts and culture and experiment with alternative ways.

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Shakin’ the Classroom

Shakin’ the classroom toolbox. We gathered tools which go beyond the dominant ways of teaching, learning and educating to activate and use these methodologies in more sensitive learning environments.

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Work on the Wild Side

A platform that supports young professionals who want to continue or engage in international projects which include subaltern perspectives.

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Unlearn & Relearn

An extra-curricular seminar to bring subaltern knowledges and diverse cross-disciplinary themes absent from mainstream cultural management programmes.

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Entry Picture

Roundtable: Undoing Discrimination? Diverse in Berlin?

Kenny Fries, Sanni Est, Miriam Camara, Rhea Ramjohn
Moderation: Samie Blasingame

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