In from the margins

International conference
University of Arts in Belgrade – 26-28th of June 2023

Sharing footnotes of subaltern knowledge and practices

For our last SHAKIN’ event, our partners from the University of Arts organize a three-day international conference entitled “In from the margins – Sharing footnotes of subaltern knowledge and practices”. During these three days (26 to 28 June), we will offer a very diversified program.

Keynote speakers

Gerty Dambury

When we, black activists, raise the question of – who is dominant in the cultural field, who are the ones who are heading cultural institutions in Europe – and when we are not simply ignored or violently attacked, we get the following answer – “there aren’t enough racialized people at the end of the institutions but things are changing little by little, it takes time…”.

Tanjas Ostojić

I intend to share and compare methodologies of empowering feminist artistic practices and alternative pedagogical formats that I developed in the framework of my two long-term interdisciplinary and collaborative artistic projects Mis(s)placed Women? (2009-2022) and Lexicon of Tanjas Ostojić (2011-17).

Basma El Husseiny

This talk will attempt to take a closer look at the much-hailed human rights-based approach to artistic and cultural practices, and to examine the hurdles that stand in the way of this approach, as well as the possible pitfalls of enforcing a marriage between the two domains of human rights and artistic creativity.

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