Contributing to the classroom

We are very happy that you would like to contribute to our Classroom.

The aim of the following contributors’ form is to collect methods, tools, and approaches for creating and sharing knowledge which go beyond the dominant ways of teaching, learning and educating in culture and media field. We are looking for ways of sharing and constructing knowledges which question the usual power relations; or which aim to engage all participants in constructing and sharing knowledges; or which try to bring in voices and perspectives from the epistemic, political, and social margins; or which experiment with engaging whole persons with their bodies, senses and emotions; or which are place-based, situated or grounded in specific territories; and many more. For the sake of simplifying the form we will use the term “method” for all those ways, approaches, exercises, games, tools and methodologies that you want to share. All of what we gather will be part of an online toolbox freely available to everyone interested. Thank you for willing to contribute with your experiences!
You can also email this form together to

  1. download the PDF form
  2. save it on your computer
  3. open it
  4. fill in all the information
  5. then send it to us using the contact form below