Work on the Wild Side

A support system designed to help students and young professionals.

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Collecting trajectories

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Toolkit for cooperation projects

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Mentoring system

Professional environments in culture fields can still be very hierarchical and conservative and are becoming more and more competitive and standardized. In this context, students and young professionals don’t feel equipped to face the transition towards professional life. Thus, we consider it urgent to develop initiatives that are more sensitive to ethical cooperation, to excluded or marginalized voices, from a transnational point of view.

This is the origin of our support system “Work on the Wild Side!”, aiming to help students and young professionals (primarily in culture fields) through the development of cooperative skills and abilities to work internationally, and the implementation of subaltern knowledge in working environments.

The support system consists in three different parts:

  • Resources and guides to collect data about professional issues and challenges of young generations of cultural workers – Collecting trajectories
  • Tools and guides to implement international cooperation projects and face cooperation situations, with careful attention to social values, solidarity and reflexivity – Toolkit for cooperation projects
  • Resources about mentoring initiatives in Europe and description of a mentoring system that will be launched next year – Mentoring system