Contributing to the handbook

We are very happy that you would like to contribute to our Online In-Process Handbook “Who knows?”
All the information on the website (general presentation of the Handbook and specific contextual elements of the threads) will already help you understand the core issues/questions we want to highlight in this work. We do not aim at producing an extensive list of most important resources regarding subaltern knowledge in arts and culture. We are interested in showing the diversity of ways of working with these topics in our sectors. All kinds of resources in various medial forms can thus be inspiring, interesting and important.
Below you will find a commented version of the grid that you can fill to contribute. The sections “personal appreciation” and “contribution to the “who knows” handbook” are particularly important for us – all material should be situated and personally framed.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

  1. download the PDF form
  2. save it on your computer
  3. open it
  4. fill in all the information
  5. then send it to us using the contact form below