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European University Film Award


Keywords: university cooperation, transnational teaching, european film
Threads: Cooperating with(in) arts and culture, Learning

Short description

The European University Film Award (EUFA) is a prize that is awarded annually by students from twenty-five (in 2020) universities from different European countries. In preparation of an international jury meeting and final award ceremony, students at each university analyse and discuss five previously nominated films as part of a regular course on contemporary European film and film festivals. At the end, one representative from each of these national student groups joins a meeting in Hamburg, Germany, with the students from the other participating universities to discuss together and award the final EUFA winner. The idea is to support the transnational dissemination of European film culture, to give young Europeans an insight into different European life conditions and a sense of community through the shared enjoyment and discussion of films.

Personal appreciation

I like the idea that this project, on the one hand, creates a transnational European community among students and teachers united by a common love of film. At the same time, it prepares the ground for many, certainly also controversial, discussions that challenge participants to present and comprehend different national, cultural, social and individual points of view.

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The project provides an example of how intercultural exchange and cooperation between teachers and students is possible on a large scale - given that there are 26 partner universities from different countries - and at the same time in a comparatively easy-to-implement framework.


Additional Information

Location International collaboration of 26 European countries
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Project runtime 2016 -
Institution of affiliation
Sponsor(s) Filmfest Hamburg
Hamburg Marketing
Alfred Toepfer Stiftung R.V.S.
Prix Collégial du Cinéma Québécois
European Network for Cinema and Media Studies
European Film Academy
Name of contributor: Katja Hettich

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