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Street culture for regions



Keywords: entrepreneurship, vocational education and training
Threads: Cooperating with(in) arts and culture, Learning

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Opportunities in Street Culture Resource Pack. A set of documents, multimedia resources and interactive activities that enables entrepreneurship stakeholders, leaders and educators to understand how street culture can be harnessed as part of entre-preneurial skills’ development.

Street Culture Alliances & Action Plans. A guide to imple-menting ongoing collaboration between key organisations and stakeholders so that investment in street culture entrepreneur-ship training can create a sustainable impact on social inclusion and cultural-economic development.

Street Culture Open Education Resources. The hub of the new street entrepreneurship training model, resources include a first-ever dedicated curriculum.

Personal appreciation

This project is interesting because it provides precise resources and specific teaching methods for street culture actors who are interested in earning a living from it.
The first resource kit is very business oriented but the comparison with the deter learning program seems to me inspiring for our handbook because they are two very different ways of producing knowledge behind the term street culture (initially based on peer to peer learning)

Contribution to the "Who knows?" handbook


Link to material #2 - Ressource Kit for entrepreneurs in street culture sector (49 pages)

Link to material #1 - Teaser for Street Culture for regions

Additional Information

Location Belfast, Galway, Athens, Bordeaux, Porto, Lodz
Original language(s) English
Existing translations French, Greek, Polish, Portuguese
Project runtime 2021 - 2023
Institution of affiliation MOMENTUM, University of LODZ, E-learning european institute, EDRA, Le LABA, P.Porto, East Belfast Enterprise
Sponsor(s) EU: Erasmus+ adults education
Name of contributor: Pierre Brini

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