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Conference: Shakin’ knowledge spaces

Moderation: Eva Krivanec
Speakers: Stupid Togetherness group (S. Komulainen, Lilo Nöske, Galyna Sukhomud), Marijana Cvetkovic, Arijit Bhattacharyya


Keywords: situated knowledge, decoloniality, ecology of knowledges, southern epistemologies, inclusion, neoliberal university
Threads: (Un)framing Knowledge, Cooperating with(in) arts and culture, Inquiring

Short description

The conference "Shakin' knowledge spaces" gathered three students from the international project group "Stupid Togetherness", Marijana Cvetkovic, Arjit Bhattacharyya and was moderated by Eva Krivanec. The starting point of the discussion was a project developed in the framework of this year's SHAKIN' student collaboration. Called "Stupid Togetherness", it proposes a embodied experience of (public urban) space that unexpectedly and ironically subverts existing spatial power hierarchies and attempts to convey a sense of community and belonging. 3 students of the group present their work and research process and the concept and/or method of Stupid Togetherness. From this starting point, the other speakers outlined the ways they have found in their professional practice to deconstruct, disrupt and displace the classical approach to knowledge spaces. Marijana Cvetkovic talks about alternative places that bring certain practices or forgotten knowledges in the academic field or mainstream knowledge production. Here, she develops around examples of knowledge production in Yugoslavia, Non-aligned movement and Independent cultural scene. Arjit Bhattacharyya continues the conversation around violence in and access to knowledge production and spaces. He also introduces the question of how spaces are made for preserving knowledge and what would be the alternative. The other speakers react to this question and also develop on issues of marketisation of knowledge and embodiment.

Personal appreciation

Contribution to the "Who knows?" handbook

This conference was organized by the Shakin project team and addresses very important topics of the project. Furthermore, by organizing this talk as a consortium of universities and cultural organizations, we want to stress the importance of bringing different voices into the spaces of academia to question and develop its position as spaces of knowledge production.


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Location Grama Lounge, university library Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Weimar
Original language(s) English
Existing translations
Length 50 min
Project runtime -
Institution of affiliation Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Association Independent Cultural Scene Serbia
Sponsor(s) Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Shakin
Name of contributor: Shakin project team

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