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Students' Project

Stupid Togetherness

Keywords: collaborative practice, commonness, embodied knowledge, playful urban exploration, psychogeography, public space, subversion, urban pedagogy

The project Stupid Togetherness seeks to question existing spatial mechanisms and explore the possibilities for collaborative engagement within the urban spaces.

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Searching for the Fountain of Age: A Danced lecture

Keywords: aging in arts and culture, danced lecture, embodied knowledge, sharing knowledge through arts

Susanne Martin proposes an alternative way of lecturing and transmitting her knowledge with a very situated approach : To look and sense her research object, the “fountain of age”, she divides it into 2 smaller fountains : the Fountain of Knowledge (talking) and the Fountain of Experience (dancing).

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Education from below

Keywords: collective learning and imagination, embodied knowledge, meaning making in museums, multiplicity of definition

The project recognises that art practices can dislocate the usual hierarchies of what should or should not be learned and that knowledge does not have to be based on accumulation, but rather on sharing and mutual learning.