Kinesthetic learning

Corporeal , Processual

Kinesthetic learning methods come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Some kinesthetic approaches are more about dealing away with the stress of sitting (in which situations students can use standing desks, or fidgets for their legs or hands), while others are using kinesthetic approaches as a core of a teaching method. 1. Take one theoretical claim or empirical finding that can be represented by a graph or scale. ; 2. Present finding or a theoretical claim to learners; 3. Ask them to imagine a classroom (or a part of it that is not occupied by chairs) as a graph; 4. Ask them to stand up and assume one position in the graph that corresponds with their experience or situation or attitude or belief; 4. Ask (some of) them to explain their position. How does it feel to occupy such a social situation or why do you assume such an attitude?; 5. Encourage them to question one another about their explanations; 6. Possibly, ask them to reconsider their position and assume another place.