Breaking Bread

Dunja Karanovic, Shabnam Nikkhoo, Jovan Mladenović, Cécile Valley, Huang Guanjie, Gauhar Mukaman
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Breaking Bread is a student project on collecting memories and stories about/around/related to BREAD. It’s a project between seven Master students of the University Lumière Lyon2 in France and the University of Arts in Serbia organized with the aim to gather different bread stories from different people across the borders and showcase the diversity, provide an opportunity for everyone to speak up and share their memorable and personal stories involving bread, which could carry good or bad memories and raise different issues. Bread stories are collected via Google Form (ENG, FR, RUS, GER) and via audio/video interviews, which will be exhibited during the Winter School in March together with “Bread Table” that will invite people to taste, smell and create a discussion and dialogue between participants. Stories later will be published on our social media and web site.