Creative Prostitution & Persona

Adeline Auffret, Robin Lamothe, Luiza Sekiraqa, Kristina Jankovic, Peter Boys, Nans Chaneac
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During the Shakin’ project, we decided to explore the duality that exists within the artistic process, in between the choices made by convictions and the ones made by obligation through two concepts: persona and creative prostitution. For this purpose, we want to implement a creative prostitution confessional in order to gather data around the theme. Therefore, the Winter School will allow us to propose an alternative version of the confessional of the creative prostitution established beforehand.

In order to keep the confessional personal and private, we imagine inviting volunteer students who wish to answer 3 questions related to our theme and especially regarding the collective experience shared by all 3 universities: the Shakin project. We will invite volunteers at the beginning of the week in a flat set up for the occasion. At the end of the week we will present a sample of the project: a 15-minute montage of the answers we will have gathered, exploring the duality existing in a professional frame.