Mentoring Initiatives in Europe and type of services

For the creation of our European platform, we were first inspired by already existing systems. We identified 16 “platforms” from Germany, Netherlands, UK, France, Serbia, Spain, Hungary, Finland, and other countries. During this process of identification, we particularly focused on initiatives and types of services that are innovative, international and pluri-located, that involve civil society, that rely on subaltern methodologies as well as on the quality of cooperation between individuals and finally, that shape relevant contents.

Our aim was to analyze how these initiatives and types of services could fit and be adapted to cultural projects that include subaltern perspectives. But above all, this survey helped us to identify the needs of the potential users of our platform and to gather feedback by interviewing experienced professionals.

The table below shows the international incubators, platforms or accelerators for artistic and cultural projects that we identified as well as the criteria that we used for this analyze.

Project oriented vs Individual oriented Networking w. specialists/experts Physical space Phone emergency line Peer to peer sessions Resources and infos Short courses Mentoring
Help Musicians I x x x x x
Incubator Lyon 2 P x x x x x
SOTA I x x x x
ON THE MOVE P x x x x
Incubator Lyon 3 P x x x x
Pole Pixel P x x x x x x

Interview Grid for international platforms and incubated projects and persons

*French version included